31 Day Blog Writing Challenge — I’m in!


Ok, I’m in! Cheryl Sleboda tossed up the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge and I decided to hop on board. Yep, there are a bunch of us planning to blog every day this month. How fun! As usual, I’ll be chatting about all sorts of things, some quilty, some not. If you’ve been with me before, you know that I blog about anything and everything.

Many of us are doing this to help kickstart our blogs. Cheryl’s philosophy is that if we can blog every day in the busiest month of the year, we can do it anytime. I make no promises about doing this every.single.day because, well…life happens. I do promise to give it the old college try! It’s only 31 days, right?

Here’s Cheryl and me at Fabric 2.0 in Houston last month

If you don’t know Cheryl (and I doubt that’s possible), she is just uh.mayz.ing. You know those Fireball candies? Those are what I think of when I picture Cheryl. Spicy-sweet wonderfulness. We finally met in Houston this year, after I rudely walked right past her. Honestly, I wasn’t ignoring her, I am just like a squirrel on crack at any show, and Houston is definitely no exception. I had seen Teri Lucas from across the room and was making a beeline to hug her. I think Cheryl forgave me since she hugged me later, but sheesh, I felt awful.

So there you go. For 31 days you’ll have a whole buffet of blogs to read. Check out this post on Cheryl’s blog to see who else is joining in. But don’t stop there. Read some of those blogs, comment on them, share the love. And then come back here and read the next day. I am definitely looking forward to visiting some new friends and chatting with many of you here!



  • YAY! I’m excited to find your blog through this challenge – how fun!

    • Lori East

      Hi Gail, and welcome! I agree, it’s going to be great fun!