Welcome to Lori East Quilts

Welcome! I’m glad you stopped by. I cant wait to get to know you.

There are several different reasons you might have come to find me. I offer quilt appraisals, lectures for guilds and other groups, workshops for shops or guilds, and a blog. Click on the links right here, or go up to the menu at the top to find whatever you might need.


Here’s a bit about me:

I was born with a needle in my hand. Okay, not really, but almost. I learned to sew and crochet under the tutelage of my mother and grandmother a long, long time ago. (How long ago? Not telling. You don’t think I’m going to tell all my secrets, do you?)

I made my first quilt at the age of nine and have never looked back. I am at once both traditional and not-at-all conventional in my quiltmaking. One day I may work on a faithful reproduction of an 1850s quilt, the next I might paint the background of a 21st-century piece. Quilts of all types and styles delight me.

I love all things handmade, homemade, and things with a story. I adore things that have a past, pieces not just touched by, but used by human hands, things that show evidence of a life. The appraisals I enjoy most are those in which I can help an owner fill in parts of the story about their treasured family piece. I love helping others realize that the work they do today has real and lasting value.

People who love what they do inspire me. The friends I’ve made in this quilt world are good at what they do, and they make every bit of it worthwhile. You will read blog posts about some of these people¬†from time to time.¬†To my way of thinking, it is our job as friends to support each other in whatever way we can. It costs nothing to be nice.

I spent twelve years homeschooling one amazing young man. I am the wife of a fabulous man and am an unabashed Christian. I have a true desire to bring glory to God through the work of my hands. I love to cook, bake, read, sew, paint (although I am a lousy painter), take photos, and knit. I drink too much coffee, and I’m loud. I wear cowboy boots most of the year. I am fortunate to live right smack in the middle of the country, but have lived all over the world. I’m a midwestern girl by birth and by choice. I love both beach and mountains, snow and sun, and most of all, the prairies near which I was raised.

Today I am an AQS-certified quilt appraiser, an historian and quilt researcher, a lecturer, a quiltmaker, a judge, and a teacher. I am so blessed to have a job I love, to see exciting quilts, share interesting stories, and teach skills I enjoy to people I like. Does it get any better than that?